Wish to see these features in HASHNODE in 2023


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Hey, Gorgeous people on the internet. In today's article, we will be discussing some new features that I would love to see on HASHNODE 2023.


I am not a hashnode developer, I am just writing this article to suggest some features that could improve the overall experience of hashnode. Please feel free to share your comments on the article if you have any crazy ideas or features for hashnode.


  • Voice typing is the next big feature that I am really looking forward to.
  • It would really help the blogger to write fast and bring out the content to their audience.


  • Just open any random bloggers home page example:https://syedimam.hashnode.dev/ or https://johnpels.hashnode.dev/. As you could see over here there is no proper Bloglist (a feature that looks similar to the playlist on youtube or Spotify).
  • When a random person on the internet opens our blog website wishing to find more content related to that technology it is going to be NIGHTMARE for the user because all our blogs are scattered here and there.
  • There should be a feature to store our blogs in a proper playlist so that it helps the audience to find what they want.


  • If you look at the current preview feature user need to tap on the preview button and then it navigates to the preview screen and you need to scroll down to see the latest writing and just imagine if you have 6-7 paragraphs you need to scroll literally 4-5 times to see your latest writing.
  • Instead what we could do is Split the blog writing area into 2 halves where 1 half would be for writing blogs and another would be for the preview of blogs. Just like Vs code where we make changes in HTML changes are shown in the live serve tab.



  • It's 2022 end man and we are still using the same font for all the blogs. Bloggers should be allowed to choose their own custom fonts.
  • Please integrate google fonts into the blog writing area where users can choose the font of their choice.


  • Gifs are the great sparkles that enhance the mood and reading of your article/blog.
  • At the moment we are literally downloading the gifs from giphy and inserting them on the blogs which is a very tedious job to do.
  • Instead, make integration with GIPHY just like you did it with Unsplash.


These are some of the features that I really wish to see in HASHNODE in 2023. So what do you think guys, please comment down below your thoughts and Ideas.

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